Whole House Water Purification

watermax-systemWhole House Water Purification systems for home and business gives you usable, clean and soft water from every faucet.

Whole House Water Purification means the water in your home will be softened, significantly reducing the calcium build up in showers and sinks, and a reverse osmosis system will process the water to give you refreshing, instant quality drinking water.

AQUAS WATER – HAGUE offers a system that will satisfy a common size family of four to five.  If you have a house with four or more bathrooms and more people in the home, we’d increase the size of the softener to accommodate.  The water softener is salt or potassium regenerated to guarantee your water to be soft.


System Installation

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In order to give you a final price, we view the potential area you desire to place equipment, then we sample your water in order to analyze it.  Based on the results, we can determine what problem issues need to addressed.  Your water purification and conditioning system is customized to your requirements.

Outside spigots are left as hard water for the yard and plant water.  If possible, a spigot by the garage will be plumbed with soft water for washing cars, etc.

We will satisfy and cure water problems you may be experiencing!


Whole House Water Purification Products

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Custom Bottle Label

Water Bottle Labels Designed For You

Make an impression at your next business or special event with bottled refreshments displaying your custom logo.  Aquas creates unique custom labels designed for your business or organization that will represent you in a special and memorable way.

Don’t miss an opportunity to accentuate your next event, call and have a custom bottle label designed for your needs today.


How to Order Your Custom Water Bottle Label Today

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Custom Water Label Examples